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We Pledge to Support Local Business!

What is Local?

It’s the pizza joint on the corner, your local auto shop, the independant hardware store, your plumber or electrician, the mom & pop bakery that’s been around for generations. It’s the places we can’t afford to lose. Our neighbors, our friends, our community!

Why Support Local?

Local business is essential for our economy. They bring growth and innovation to our communities. They provide employment and create entrepreneurship opportunities and support the local economies, communities and neighborhoods.
These business owners care about their community. They know their customers by name. They are our neighbors and friends. They are what make our towns special and unique.
Most are feeling a financial strain right now, and many are worried about the future. But if you need to buy something, try your local store first.

Larger “Chain” business’s do help our economy but their profits leave our region. Local business’s put that money right back into our area because its home for them. These business owners are more likely to utilize other local business’s for their everyday needs as well.

You are helping create and maintain local jobs!

On average throughout the nation, every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community.

Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the community in which they operate than chain competitors. Independent restaurants return more than two times as much money per dollar of sales than national restaurant chains.

Here are some things you can do to support these great business’s:

  1. Many restaurants are offering delivery and pickup, but check for delivery options at places besides restaurants.
  2. Share local restaurant delivery menus on your social media pages. If you learn of a unique promotion or idea from them, share it online. Help send business their way.
  3. Check with the businesses you frequently shop with. They may have altered their services to fit the temporary ‘new normal’.
  4. Get your car serviced by a local mechanic.
  5. If you still have steady income and the financial means to do it, continue to pay your cleaning people, hair stylist, nanny, etc. They need us and we need them.
  6. Tip service workers extra.
  7. Visit a local nursery or hardware store for your landscaping or home improvements.
  8. Keep paying your memberships and subscriptions, even if they’ve been temporarily suspended.
  9. Just give a donation. Cash is always appreciated.
  10. Be sure to write a good review for those business’s you frequent. every little bit helps.

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