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Special Election for Ward 4 NH State House!

NH State House votes to hold a Special Election for Rochesters Ward 4 between David Walker and Chuck Grassie.

On December 7th, the NH State House voted to hold a special runoff election for Strafford County District 8 House seat candidates Republican David Walker & incumbent Democrat Chuck Grassie.

Initially, Walker defeated Grassie by 1 vote in the NH State General Election. However, a recount on November 16th determined the vote was tied 970-970.

The State Ballot Law Commission sent the decision to the House, and after failing to table the issue, House Minority Leader Matthew Wilhelm moved to send it back to Rochester for a special election. House Majority Leader Jason Osborne agreed to a joint motion, which passed with a voice vote. Osborne described it as “the right thing to do”.

The Special Election for this Rochester Ward 4 State Representative will be held on February 21, 2023 at the McClelland School ( 59 Brock Street)

If you are new to Rochester, or a first-time voter, visit www.rochesternh.gov/vote to learn how to vote in Rochester, determine your ward, and find polling locations. (Source: The Rochester Post, published by the City of Rochester, NH)

This Special Election is proof that EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

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